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Hello world!

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As is traditional, having done most of my blogging in Wordpress, it feels right to have the first post as "Hello world!".

A warm welcome to Stelv.io, a project of mine which has been dreamt about for many months.

With the magic of Shopify, some ruthless prioritisation and some artistic flair... here we are :)

A BIG thanks to the very talented Rob Palmer for helping me with the branding. Also, the incredible photographic skills of Ashley and Jered Gruber for the stunning main image of the pass.

I guess an introduction is in order too...

I'm Jon, from sunny Hull, UK City of Culture 2017. As you may have guessed, I'm a big cyclist and yes, I love the Stelvio pass. It's a very special place and one I intend to return to soon.

I'm a marketing and technology consultant and founded the tech / digital community in the city of Hull back in 2009. I ran the tech conference in the city for three years too.

I now host The Remarkable Business Show over on remarkable.fm

Do have a listen and subscribe!

Thanks again for visiting and any questions, send me an email.





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