Enjoy today, tomorrow it's gone forever...


First of all, welcome and thank you for visiting :)
Stelvio was founded in 2017 and has been on my mind for many years...
You know, one of those projects that never seems to get off the ground, although this did!
The Stelvio Pass is one, if not, THE most iconic roads in the world. Stelvio celebrates the road, the climb and the pleasure of cycling. I love riding my bikes. Cycling has been a huge part of my life for many years.
I've got fitter and lighter, met amazing people and look forward to every ride. I'm guessing you might be nodding your head here...
My day job is helping businesses to be more successful through a better understanding and use of marketing and technology.

I've lived in Italy, Asia and Australia and now reside in the fabulous City of Hull where I'm a proud Board member of the UK City of Culture 2017. 
I also host The Remarkable Business Show over on remarkable.fm and write the Bulletin newsletter which you can find at thebulletin.email
You'll enjoy the episodes with Kevin ABT from Wahoo, Mark Guisti from Veloforte and the one with the Jensie!
If you have any questions or indeed, ideas for Stelvio, then please do get in touch and email me and follow me on Twitter >> @jonmoss